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(Employers interested in attending the 2019 J.I.V.E. Fair please email Mako Miller)

The J.I.V.E. Fair (Job, Internship, Volunteer, Education) provides scholars and alumni with connections and a space to network with Kansas City-area companies and organizations offering job, internship, volunteer, and educational opportunities beyond the bachelor’s degree. Scholars and alumni gain applicable skills through various breakout sessions, which increase their knowledge and ability to demonstrate professionalism and competency in a workplace environment.

The J.I.V.E. Fair aims to:

  1. Create an opportunity for both scholars and alumni to connect with a variety of Kansas City companies and organizations to line up potential jobs, internships, and volunteer opportunities during the summer, along with post-graduate educational opportunities.
  2. Help scholars and alumni gain professional, career readiness, networking, and personal branding skills (maintain positive social media presence, professional dress, etc.), and explore/develop their personal and professional strengths.
  3. Allow scholars and alumni to build their professional network in order to find coaches, mentors, and/or sponsors that can guide scholars and alumni through their career journey.

J.I.V.E. Fair is a mandatory event for all active Kauffman Scholars and open to KSI alumni.


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